Subject: Re: problems building -current
To: Steve Bellovin <>
From: Antti Kantee <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/26/2003 17:53:31
On Mon May 26 2003 at 10:47:28 -0400, Steve Bellovin wrote:
> STRIP=/usr/src/tools/obj/tools.NetBSD-1.6R-i386/bin/i386--netbsdelf-strip /usr/src/tools/obj/tools.NetBSD-1.6R-i386/bin/nbinstall  -N /usr/src/etc -c  -r  -o root  -g wheel  -m 444   magic.mime.mgc /usr/src/obj/destdir.i386/usr/share/misc/magic.mime.mgc
> nbinstall: magic.mime.mgc: stat: No such file or directory
> This is with today's cvs source and clean destination and obj directories.

I fixed that already, try rev 1.45 of usr.bin/file/Makefile.

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