Subject: gigs of XFree86.0.log
To: None <>
From: Jonathan Cline <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/01/2003 14:27:37
Hi all,

I have a love/hate relationship with X.
I know little of it's config, and struggle against 
it to know as little as possible about it.  :-)
Currently I'm trying to figure out how to 
turn off the verbosity of my X.  I recently
had a problem where /var/log/XFree86.0.log 
had, over time, chewed up all of my 1+ gig of 
free space on / (I rarely log off).

How can I turn off this X log?
I tried making it 444, but that didn't work.  Ha!

The stock answer of, "don't log in as root" isn't
an option (i.e., I'm lazy; it's a development machine,
I don't want to log off, etc).

This is X 4.2.0 from netbsd 1.6Q and I run xfce
from the standard default config (no special .xsessions
or xinitrc's or etc).  So it's possible this is an
xfce thing.

This display log contains a huge number of entries 
like "minl(40)", etc.  If it's desperately trying
to tell me something sane that I should be paying
attention to, it's failing miserably at it.