Subject: can't get config(8) to work
To: None <>
From: Audun Arnesen Nordal <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/09/2002 16:25:23
Hi, I updated my -current boxes after the recent security advisories. 
However (probably because I've never been bitten by this before), I 
compiled/installed userland and everything before I got around to 
compiling a new kernel. When I now try to configure a new kernel, I never 
get further than trying to config(8) the spec-file: config simply never 
returns. In top it's state is displayed as 'ttyin', and ktruss 
typically says:

  277 config   read(0x9, 0x8084000, 0x2000)       = 1135       
   277 config   read(0x9, 0x8084000, 0x2000)       = 0
   277 config   break(0x80cd000)                   = 0
   277 config   ioctl(0x9, TIOCGETA, 0xbfbfd890)   Err#25 ENOTTY
   277 config   close(0x9)                         = 0
   277 config   __fstat13(0x8, 0xbfbfd80c)         = 0
   277 config   break(0x80dd000)                   = 0
   277 config   ioctl(0x8, TIOCGETA, 0xbfbfd840)   = 0
   277 config   read(0x8, 0x80cd000, 0x10000)

I tried booting various 1.6 snapshot kernels, but to no avail.

All help appreciated.


Audun Nordal