Subject: Re: -pipe significantly boosts up kernel compile speed
To: Bang Jun-Young <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/05/2002 12:22:34
> I wish it to become default for -current. Any comments?

I don't know if it should be default (at least not for all archs), but since
it's easily adjustable we could add something like this to the kernel configs:

makeoptions	COPTS="-O2 -pipe"

and either comment / uncomment it. The optimization level seems arch specific
too, so maybe COPTS is not the right variable to use.

Btw: someone suggested using /etc/mk.conf for this, but I think this does not
work for the kernel. So while there we could add a commented out version of
this into our default /etc/mk.conf, to show the user how to enable it for
normal builds too.

.if ${CFLAGS:N-pipe}
CFLAGS += -pipe