Subject: new openblocks
To: None <>
From: Chrischen <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/30/2001 21:49:14
So I was in Tokyo last week, and stopped by Plat'Home, famous for their small
Openblocks PPC-based miniture computers. I saw they had a newer version,
based upon the 200mhz PPC 405gp, so I took the chance and got one. I must
say, about the dimensions of a passport, and about 4cm high. Very cute. Has
a USB add-on board along with a compact flash interface. It's currently
running linux, but looks like support could be hobbled together (probably
through the walnut/405gp eval board port).

So it seems to be somewhat different from the original Openblocks, which was
bashed on a MPC 860.

Just wanted to see if anyone else managed to pick one up and if you got
NetBSD to work on them. I'm trying to find english documentation to start. :)

Plat'Home has a page at

Happy new year,

Chris Chen <cchen@Nougat.ORG>
Beyond Chewable