Subject: Re: stat(1)
To:, Robert Elz <kre@munnari.OZ.AU>
From: Tero Kivinen <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/30/2001 12:16:07 (Andrew Brown) writes:
> i wrote one once so that i could see more stuff.  then i wrote another
> today because i read this thread.  then i realized i could emulate my
> old script using my new one, and even ls (ls -lfdT actually, with -F
> and -L as options, and perhaps without -T).

I wrote one back in 1990/1991 which use used in some of the
cleanup task in our University. The main required feature was that if
no file names was given in the command line then it simply read file
names from the stdin. It also supported formatted output like yours... 

I actually just dig it out from my old backups and updated it to
compile with modern c-compiler (prototypes, stdargs vs varargs,
snprintf instead of my own sprintfn etc). Seems to work (sources can
be found from the

haste (12:12) ~/lstat-1.0>./lstat *
57621   13 0100644    1 kivinen  wheel         12488 30.12.01 11:22:58 COPYING
57712    1 0100644    1 kivinen  wheel           524 30.12.01 11:22:58 MANIFEST
57711    2 0100644    1 kivinen  wheel          1126 30.12.01 11:24:08 Makefile
57710    1 0100644    1 kivinen  wheel           249 30.12.01 11:22:58 README
57622    5 0100644    1 kivinen  wheel          4559 30.12.01 11:44:40 errors.c
57716    2 0100444    1 kivinen  wheel          1267 30.12.01 11:28:08 errors.h
57706    1 0100444    1 kivinen  wheel           619 30.12.01 11:22:58 libdefaults.h
57627   10 0100444    1 kivinen  wheel          9960 30.12.01 11:58:26 longgetopt.c
57630    4 0100444    1 kivinen  wheel          3280 30.12.01 11:28:54 longgetopt.h
57708   60 0100755    1 kivinen  wheel         61366 30.12.01 12:12:02 lstat*
57626    1 0100644    1 kivinen  wheel           823 30.12.01 11:22:58 lstat.8
57624   14 0100644    1 kivinen  wheel         13434 30.12.01 12:03:31 lstat.c
57628    9 0100644    1 kivinen  wheel          8572 30.12.01 11:43:19 sprintfu.c
57714    1 0100444    1 kivinen  wheel           928 30.12.01 11:38:59 sprintfu.h
haste (12:12) ~/lstat-1.0>./lstat -a lstat 
     4 57708 -rwxr-xr-x    1 kivinen  wheel    157  40      61366 30.12.01 12:12:43  30.12.01 12:12:02  30.12.01 12:12:02  8192   120 /u/kivinen/lstat-1.0/lstat 
haste (12:13) ~/lstat-1.0>find . -type f -name '*.c' | ./lstat -f 'file=%f size=%k'
file=/u/kivinen/lstat-1.0/sprintfu.c size=9
file=/u/kivinen/lstat-1.0/lstat.c size=14
file=/u/kivinen/lstat-1.0/longgetopt.c size=10
file=/u/kivinen/lstat-1.0/errors.c size=5
haste (12:13) ~/lstat-1.0>./lstat --help
Usage: lstat [-hSLDunaGw?] [-f<arg>] [-p<arg>] [-s<arg>] [-d<arg>] [-l<arg>] [-=<arg>] [-e<arg>] files...

 -f   +format     Defines output format in printf style.
                  Format        lstat field
                  %f    file name (full path)
                  %N    file name (last part)
                  %F    relative path
                  %d    major device number
                  %q    minor device number
                  %i    inode
                  %p    protection in decimal
                  %o    protetion in octal
                  %P    protection in string
                  %n    number of links
                  %u    uid
                  %U    user name
                  %g    gid
                  %G    group
                  %r    major number for device
                  %R    minor number for device
                  %s    file size
                  %a    access time (primary)
                  %A    access time (secondary)
                  %m    modification time (primary)
                  %M    modification time (secondary)
                  %c    status change time (primary)
                  %C    status change time (secondary)
                  %x    optimal blocksize for i/o opers
                  %b    number of blocks allocated
                  %k    size in kB
                  %l    symbolic links value
                  %D    print directory identifier if directory (/)
                  %L    print link identifier if symbolic link ( -> )
                  %S    print socket identifier if socket (=)
                  %E    print executable identifier if executable (*)
                  Default string is :%5i %4k %07o %4n %-8U %-8G %10s %-17M 
 -h   +header     Prints header
 -p   +primdate   Defines primary date output format in printf style.
                  %a    AD in 2 digit format
                  %A    AD in 4 digit format
                  %m    Month in number
                  %M    Month in pervert yankee string (3 characters)
                  %d    Day from beginning of month
                  %D    Day from beginning of year
                  %w    Day of week (Monday = 1)
                  %W    Day of week as string
                  %h    Hour in 24h clock
                  %H    Hour in 12h clock
                  %n    Minutes
                  %s    Seconds
                  %S    Seconds from 1.1.1970 00:00:00
                  %p    am/pm
                  %P    AM/PM
                  %z    Time zone
                  Default string is :%S
 -s   +secdate    Defines secondary date output format in printf style.
                  Use primdate for options
                  Default string is :%02d.%02m.%02y %02h:%02n:%02s
 -S   +stat       Use stat to get information
 -L   +lstat      Use lstat to get information
 -D   +date       Print current date in secondary date format
 -u   +universal  Print all times in gmt
 -n   +noreturn   Do not add newline at end of line
 -a   +all        Dump everything from (l)stat
      +disclaimer I'm not responsible about brain damages generated from 
                  using of this program and its options. All those options 
                  are not my idea.
 -d   +directory  Set directory string
 -l   +link       Set directory string
 -=   +socket     Set directory string
 -e   +executable Set directory string
 -G   +debug      Turn debugging on
 -w   +warnings   Turn warning messages on
      +daemon     Run in daemon mode (all errors to syslog)
 -?   +help       Display this help text
haste (12:14) ~/lstat-1.0>
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