Subject: Re: cntlaltdel on console
To: None <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/24/2001 02:25:57
In message <>, Andrew Gillham writes:
>I don't think so.  It seems to me that the last time you mentioned this it
>was confirmed that NetBSD _never_ had this option.  So it would be hard to
>change the default.

I suppose.  Still, it shouldn't be too hard to provide; the code is about 5
lines in BSD/OS.

Was it really *never* present?  If so, my memory is getting worse faster than
I expected.

>Perhaps it should be added as a called to sync(), so you can just hit it
>4-5 times, have nothing happen, and just hit reset.  Then it would be just
>like using ctrl-alt-del under Windows.

Heh.  I like BSD/OS's behavior:
1.  Print "console abort: reboot? (y/n)" to console.  (It does this for serial
break, if you have a serial console, or ctl-alt-del, on hardware console)
2.  Wait for a y/n.  If you get one, do "dump core? (y/n)", to decide whether
or not to do a core.
3.  If you can't get a y/n, but keep getting breaks or cntl-alt-del's, reboot.

This works quite nicely, and it almost always has the option of doing the
right thing.  If anyone's interested, I'd be happy to try to contribute the
relevant patch - it's not a hard one.