Subject: Fw: Problems with Xircom PCMCIA cards (device timeout)
To: None <>
From: David Laight <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/21/2001 21:23:08
The Xircom pcmcia (not cardbus) modem+ethernet cards aren't that hard
to drive.  However there are some lurking gotcha's....

Firstly I think the card hardware matches the pcmcia spec for a
multi-function card.  However all the ones I've seen have the CIS of
a modem with an extra entry for the ethernet MAC address.

The 10/100+modem and 10+modem cards have the same CIS! id 0105110a.

The 10M and 100M ethernet only also have the same id (0105010a) but
need a slight change to the driver! - internal xcver on 10M card.

There is no method of detecting status changes of the tranceiver.  Since
you have to program the MAC engine differently  for full and half duplex
this makes autodetecting full duplex somewhat difficult.  My solution
is to disable it in the link advertise register...

I'm not sure how the i386 netbsd deals with multi-function pcmcia cards?
I was writing a driver for a strongarm - so had plently of address space.

I set the ethernet to interrupt via status_change leaving the modem
the intr pin.

If someone want all the magic spells for this card let me know.
The info is (almost) all in the document you can download from the
Xircom web site.

(I've got a card and strongArm system, will get around to the netBSD port


> >Lubomir Sedlacik wrote:
> >
> >> i am sorry if this is known issue (or even fix exists) but i haven't found
> >> anything close related to this problem.
> >
> >See the current-users archives and the PR database for a long list of woes.
> >
> >> i would like to use both ethernet and modem with this card. is there any
> >> chance it will be fixed?
> >
> >Not likely, unless you're willing to send one of your cards to a developer.