Subject: Re: snapshot 20011213 for i386
To: explorer , current-users <>
From: Rich Dunkle <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/14/2001 10:36:17
** Reply to message from on 13 Dec 2001 19:03:35 -0000

> I've compiled and put up a snapshot of today's build on
> Let me know if it works to actually install a system.  The 11/20 build
> didn't work -- it complained about lack of space in the / after booting
> the CDROM I made from it.
> Enjoy,
> --Michael

sysinit did not complain about low space on /

I was able to get a disklabel on the boot drive
I was able to see the boot drive on the Adaptec 39160
and the 8 other drives on the second Adaptec 39160

install failed with a core dump while unpacking -->  comp.tgz

there are some minor annoyances from sysinst about
disk sizes, files sizes with negative numbers.  The screen 
redraw is off a line or so, too.