Subject: Re: Where is ${TOP}/share/mk ?
To: None <>
From: David Laight <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/14/2001 01:11:56
> In article <00c201c183fd$170a4c80$0100a8c0@snowdrop> you write:
> >I obtained the source tree from 'anoncvs' following the info in
> >the 'Tracking netBSD Current' document.
> >(rather than downloading one of the 'tar' files).
> >
> >The documentation isn't quite right though:
> >    cvs checkout -P src
> >didn't give the kernel sources,
> What _did_ it get you, then?  All being well, checking out "src" should get
> you the entire source tree, and it seems to do that for me at the moment (at
> least, it gets on to "gnu" -- I haven't got time to wait for the whole tree).
> > which I got separately by:
> >    cvs checkout -P syssrc
> >I also fetchd the gnu stuff with:
> >    cvs checkout -P gnusrc
> Presumably you were also missing the contents of sharesrc.

sharesrc was missing, fetched it earlier - but not looked to see if anything
else is missing.

>  Have you got usr.sbin/zic/Makefile (the last file in basesrc)?
I'll chech later
> >What have I missed, done wrong, ... ?
> It's hard to tell, since everything you've described should work.

It's almost as if my checkout of 'src' only got 'basesrc'....

How does CVS handle subdirectories being in different repositories?
(ie so update works)