Subject: Where is ${TOP}/share/mk ?
To: None <>
From: David Laight <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/13/2001 17:39:16
I'm trying to build netbsd 'current', but seem to be missing some files... contains a 'getmakevar' function that contains:
        $make -m ${TOP}/share/mk -s -f- _x_ <<EOF
TOP seems to be defined as:

However there is no 'share' directory in the one that contains

Indeed "find / -name share" only prints /usr/share, and that one
contains definitions for 1.5.2, not current.

I obtained the source tree from 'anoncvs' following the info in
the 'Tracking netBSD Current' document.
(rather than downloading one of the 'tar' files).

The documentation isn't quite right though:
    cvs checkout -P src
didn't give the kernel sources, which I got separately by:
    cvs checkout -P syssrc
I also fetchd the gnu stuff with:
    cvs checkout -P gnusrc

These definitely need merging together - may give problems with
cvs update, especially in usr.sbin.

What have I missed, done wrong, ... ?