Subject: Re: NetBSD on Sony VAIO PCG 505
To: None <>
From: Martin Gerbing <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/31/2001 10:03:38
Hello again :),

> >please excused my silly question but I am searched the FAQ and archives
> and
> >didn't found an answer.
> >Is there any possibility to run NetBSD on my Sony VAIO PCG 505FX? If I am
> >booting from the PCMCIA-Floppy it stops and the machine hangs. 
> >How can I get my PCMCIA-CDRom-Card to run? 
> 	if you mean te PCMCIA CD-ROM drive sold with 505, there's no chance.
> 	the CD-ROM drive has very incorrect implementation (IDE reset causes
> 	PCMCIA chipset to get reset) and there's almost no hope for it to
> 	work.  get some other CD-ROM drive, or install over an ethernet card.
> itojun
This means that I have no chance to work with the cd-rom after installation
too. :((

Ohhhh....this laptop turns me's so small but very beasty.

Thanks for the answer so I know, that I will try no longer to run NetBSD on
it. I will try to install Debian on it. Perhaps this will work?!!?

Thx a lot.