Subject: Re: build of -current from today fails on libexec/kpasswdd
To: Martin Weber <>
From: Chris Gilbert <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/02/2001 23:54:13
On Monday 02 July 2001  9:53 pm, Martin Weber wrote:
> from krb5-protos.h:
> krb5_error_code
> krb5_mk_error __P((
>         krb5_context context,
>         krb5_error_code error_code,
>         const char *e_text,
>         const krb5_data *e_data,
>         const krb5_principal client,
>         const krb5_principal server,
>         time_t ctime,
>         krb5_data *reply));
> krb5_error_code
> krb5_addr2sockaddr __P((
>         const krb5_address *addr,
>         struct sockaddr *sa,
>         int *sa_size,
>         int port));

Doesn't look uptodate (as someone else said)

are you using make build?  also what's that date/timestamp on 

If the date/timestamp is newer than that on the one in  
crypto/dist/heimdal/lib/krb5 then it won't have been updated. In fact the 
safest things I find when updating to current is to move my /usr/include out 
of the way and let make build repopulate it.  I've had problems where a 1.5.1 
header has had patches pulled in from -current, and has a newer 
date/timestamp than the file in current, so when updating to -current that 
include file isn't updated, and is missing something new.