Subject: Re: Suggestion for ftp site...
To: None <>
From: Bob Nestor <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/27/1999 20:38:47  ( wrote:

>I don't have that much bandwidth, but in any event, if we could remove
>about 40% of the load from
>	get i386.tar
>by nuking those 'splits' files, and 'boot.fs.gz' things, it'd improve the
>response of the ftp site for everyone.

If you pull these down with sup there is supposed to be a way to 
configure your end so that certain files and/or directories are excluded. 
 I haven't done that but I'm thinking about doing it for the split 

>It's taken me several hours to start grabbing the 1.4.1 distribution sets.
>(Of course, it doesn't help that, these days, I want alpha, i386, macppc,
>mac68k, and sparc.)
>Hey, is anyone doing CD's of NetBSD releases these days?

They're not "official", but I'm still doing this as noted on the NetBSD 
Web Page.  I should have the 1.4.1 CDs put together this weekend, 
assuming there aren't any other additions or changes as there were after 
1.4 was opened for public access.  I'm assuming things like the next68k 
port have either been dropped or will be available shortly though.