Subject: Re: delete and backspace...
To: David Forbes <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/14/1999 07:54:19
> *ALL* PC keyboards I've ever seen, right from the very first original
> IBM-PC klunker, label the bigger key in the top right corner of the main
> group "backspace", and I've never found anyone who always pronounces
> that word as "delete" even though there are an astounding number of

I remember being upset about this - I'd been using keyboards with the
delete key in the right place for years, and then this happened.   IBM
is also famous for moving the control key from its rightful place to
the left of the A down to the left of the meta key, which they renamed
the alt key.

Fundamentally, we are simply suffering from change, and dealing with
it as best we can.   When I was a boy, keyboards were laid out in
what, to me, was the correct way.   Now they're laid out completely
wrong.   Fortunately, I run NetBSD, an operating system that
acknowledges the indisputable fact that keyboards *have* no inherent