Subject: IPNAT howto?
To: '' <>
From: Edwin Foo <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/11/1999 14:51:19
Hi all,

So I got unceremoniously booted out of my dorm room and into an apartment
(darn graduation =P), and I have to now hide my machines behind this
MediaOne connection in Cambridge. I've been trying to set up IPNAT on a
-current box rather unsuccessfully for a couple of reasons:

* DHCP is flaky -- saying YES to dhclient in rc.conf makes dhclient run, but
it inevitably just sits there and complains about IOBLABLA. If I manually
run "dhclient ex0" (it's a 3COM 3c900 combo), it works, but it doesn't seem
to handle renewing address leases very well. Re-running dhclient to manually
renew doesn't help; I pretty much have to reboot to get back on the network.

* IPNAT just doesn't give me any feedback about why it is not working. I've
been working off the howto I found on Daemon News
(, but things just
aren't working. I'm positive that my internal network (192.168.*) works, but
linking that network to mediaone just isn't happening. And there's nothing
in /var/log/messages or dmesg to indicate what is going wrong.

Does anyone have tips on how to troubleshoot this? If I can just get more
data, I think I should be able to fix the IPNAT stuff. I don't have much
idea on how to fix my DHCP problems though.

BTW, a HOWTO on this would be greatly appreciated. The DaemonNews article is
a very good start, but finding it is pretty hard unless you know about
DaemonNews already (I had to look through AltaVista). I'm willing to write
such a document once I get this working if the NetBSD WWW maintainer(s) deem
it useful.