Subject: -current. . . Did I screw up?
To: None <>
From: D.Joyce <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/03/1999 18:25:44
I did a make build last night.  When I got up this morning
The system was sitting at at an error. . .  the lines before
were something to the effect of rm -f /usr/lib/
ln -s ....  something. . .  then an error about ln not finding . . Duh! It got deleted!  Did I do something wrong?
I did compile the gnu fileutil package to get ls to have color.
is there a way to man cp, rm, mv, ln, ls, etc. . . be self contained
to prevent this in the future?  

  I'm really sorry for asking such stupid questions, I'm new to NetBSD.
I've run Linux on my Alpha for years now, and I got sick of it.

-Dave Joyce