Subject: Re: wsconsctl not working on NetBSD-current?
To: Lennart Augustsson <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/03/1999 09:16:43
>>         initializing sc->sc_mux to NULL in attach routine of wskbd.c fixed
>>         and it prevented wsconsctl from opreating)
>>         I dunno how wsconsctl and wsmux should interact yet.
>Well, setting sc_mux to NULL before the call to wsmux_attach()
>should have no effect since it should be NULL already.  Setting
>it to NULL after will make the mux non-working.
>I'll try and figure out how wsconsctl should interact with wsmux.

	of course I initialized it beforehand.  From my impression
	sc_mux was not cleared to NULL.