Subject: nfs: mount: permission denied
To: 'BSD Users' <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Graham, James <James.Graham@Schwab.COM>
List: current-users
Date: 04/28/1997 20:00:50
Woof again.

I'm encountering some pretty weird difficulties on nfs mounts
-- they all keep telling me

	nfs mount: /<mountpoint>: permission denied

Both are running the same relatively -current kernel.  All mountpoints
are exported as

/<mountpoint> -alldirs -maproot=root client localhost

so that I can, if I need to, test out the implementation with localhost.
Mountd appears to be running.  The diskless client can mount the
root filesystem, and typing "mount /<mountpoint>" appears to succeed
with the following side effect that any accesses to /<mountpoint> fail
with EPERM.

[I say "appears to be" above because my ps is currently out of sync with
my kernel.]

I'm willing to write it off as being due to an incomplete build, but I'd
REALLY like to know what would cause nfs mount invoked as

mount -t nfs host:/<dir> /<mountpoint>

to return the above EPERM.

I can't currently verify source dates, but it _says_ 1.2.1D, and as near
as I can tell, it's from 9704.26.

[was also going to wonder why my nslookups suddenly decided to
dial out to my ISP, but then wondering about those things at 0130
is not exactly conducive to clear thought - always check your
resolv.conf and even if you have an ISP, set up named!]