Subject: Diskless booting...
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Grey Wolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/22/1997 10:08:12

I've hooked an SLC and an IPX together via network.  The IPX is running
NetBSD 1.2.1 and has all the equipment hanging off it, while the SLC
is completely deviceless (save a keyboard).

The SLC manages to tftpboot the bootstrapper (installed via
/usr/mdec/binstall net /tftpboot):

        ok boot net
        Booting from: le(0,0,0)
        b200 >> NetBSD BOOT [$Revision: 1.4 $]
        boot: client IP address:
        boot: client name:

And then nothing.

rarpd is running.
bootparamd is running.
mountd is running.

/etc/bootparams contains:    root=/build/relayer-root \
			swap=/usr/swap/relayer \

/etc/exports contains:
/build/relayer-root	-maproot=root	relayer
/var/relayer		-maproot=root	relayer
/usr/swap		-maproot=root	relayer
/holt			-maproot=root	relayer
/usr			-alldirs -ro
/usr/X11		-maproot=root	relayer

I have (obviously) tftpbootd running in inetd.conf (else the
bootloader would not have made it).

It does not seem to make a difference as to whether or not
I use the FQDN when referencing the host in question.

The SLC also seems to provoke ppp0 into connecting (demand/persist,
so pppd is constantly running).

Here's my routing tables:

localhost        localhost          UH          4     1002      -  lo0
slipside232.idio greywolf.dial.idio UH          0        0      -  ppp0 =>     greywolf.dial.idio U           0        0      -  ppp0    localhost          U           0        0      -  lo0
starwolf-net     link#1             UC          0        0      -  le0
starwolf         localhost          UGHS       13  1511542      -  lo0
relayer          8:0:20:2:d3:f6     UHLS        1      244      -  le0

...anyone got any clues?  It's not even getting as far as TRYING
to download a kernel.