Subject: Re: Talk, Telnet LINEMODE and CR's
To: Robin Carey <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/21/1997 13:51:30
>> I've noticed that talk no-longer treats ENTER properly when in Telnet
>> LINEMODE.  It just sends/prints ^M instead of going to the next line.  ^J
>> does what ^M should do.  Character mode, however, works as expected.  The
>> telnet crlf option doesn't change anything. I'm not sure when exactly this
>> started happening, but I'm sure it worked at one point.  It works fine on
>> my 1.2 machine.
>> Anyone else see this?  Any suggestions?
>I'd suggest trying: Break into telnet> prompt and then try mode -litecho
>which should disable literal character echoing and hopefully get rid of
>the ^M's ....

this sometimes annoys me too.  kill the talk (ctrl-c) and do a stty sane.
then start the talk session again.

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