Subject: Re: DES contest
To: Michael Graff <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/10/1997 13:15:15
On 10 Apr 1997, Michael Graff wrote:

> Jukka Marin <> writes:
> > Anyone who wants to put his/her machine into use, might want to look at
> > - and probably e-mail the team and ask for
> > NetBSD binaries.  I have already asked them for the source so I could
> > build the client for NetBSD/Sparc and /i386.
> > Yes, I know - this doesn't belong in here.. I just wanted to let you all
> > know about the contest (I have 4 NetBSD machines running the BSDI binary
> > at the moment).
	If we can get them to use uname() to check the OS type then
	running the SunOS & BSDI binaries on a NetBSD system should show
	up the correct stats on their page - removing the need for them
	to have specific NetBSD binaries available. Of course genuine
	NetBSD binaries would be preferrable (particularly for things like
	the arm32 port :), but the uname() change should be very simple
	for them to do...

	-- Can someone confirm if I'm right wrt to uname()?

> Here's an idea...  Why don't we all use a common email address
> and if we find the key give the 10% of the prize money to the NetBSD
> Foundation?
	Sounds like a great idea to me - Is anyone in core willing to
	setup a '' alias? Otherwise I'm more
	than happy to setup '' or similar...

> I already mailed the DES group suggesting that each of the free unixes
> get 10% and the FSF get the rest.  I would not want to participate in
> an effort which gives away the money to a linux group only...

	That would be idea... but in order to be 'fair' I think we need
	to get a lot mroe NetBSD machines running the clients (and make
	sure they get reported as such asn not BSDI or similar :)


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