Subject: Re: Gateway 2000 to acquire Amiga...
To: Ty Sarna <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/09/1997 10:17:34
> In article <> you write:
> NetBSD is just *huge* for a handheld, and doesn't even get you a GUI. 
> OTOH, a 512K AmigaOS ROM gives you a lightweight multitasking
> microkernel, no VM (you aren't going to want to swap on a handheld
> anyway, and it saves bloat and means you don't need an MMU), a
> reasonably decent window system and GUI, shared libraries, a filesystem
> mechanism, two FS's (one disk based, one a variable-sized ramdisk), a
> bunch of device drivers, a shell, a few core shell commands, a simple
> ANSI terminal emulator, and a few other odds and ends (PCMCIA support on
> some machines, etc).  And it's modular, so if you don't need a piece,
> you can remove it.  Or make it loaded on demand, or whatever.  Plus,
> applications tend to be small.  (Just make sure they don't use MUI! :->)
> AmigaOS is workable on even a 512K machine, and reasnably comfortable
> with 1-2M. 
> NetBSD is a great OS. And Rolls Royce makes great jet engines, but you
> don't want to go putting one on an ultralight.

	True, but NetBSD running on my anciant A3000UX, approx. like a
	25Mhz 386, does just fine under NetBSD although X is a tad slow
	with the native graphics on an A2024 (1024x800 greyscale kludge 
	monitor). My guess is they saw that the CD32 type design boosted
	with an '040 or '060 would rock the house big time for dirt fork()ing
	cheep set top box. Add a few more connectors to the basic CD32 box
	and you'd have a pretty rocking home computer that could either run
	ADOS or NetBSD/Linux and would probably cost < $200.00 in volume;
	maybe a cheepo NC box?

	I see you like living on the edge by invoking the wrath of the MUI
	monsters!! B^).