Subject: Re: Alpha Multia - worth it?
To: Chris G. Demetriou <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/05/1997 22:53:56
On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Chris G. Demetriou wrote:

> (2) It's slow.  see
> for a somewhat
> fair comparison of various CPUs.

The Multia is not slow due to CPU problems. My experiments with a
dhrystone benchmark show that at 233 MHz it is comparable to a P133
and at 266 MHz it is comparable to a P150. This would put the
integer CPU performance of a 166 MHz 21066 at the level of about
a P100 or thereabouts.

However, that doesn't explain why my 233 MHz Multia generally is
noticably slower than a P100. Running lmbench shows the problem:
the latency for memory access in both the L2 cache and main memory
is 2-4 times what you get from a decent Pentium system. This is a
big problem, made even bigger by the fact that the 166 MHz Multias
are woefully short on cache. You really want a megabyte or more of
cache on an Alpha system. The 233 MHz Multia has only 512K, and
the 166 MHz Multia has only 256K.


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