Subject: Re: Suggestion: sup-categorie kern-depends
To: None <>
From: Arne Henrik Juul <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/04/1997 22:00:12
> Having a little free time on my hands I tried building a current
> kernel this morning. Builds hadn't worked for some time (ncr_something.h
> missing somewhere) so I got me a new sys.tar.gz, a new include.tar.gz,
> and a new config.tar.gz. The include-files refused to install
> though, so I had to get share.tar.gz to install the /usr/share/mk
> files. Which didn't install, so I had to get a new make and install.
> Which, by the way, didn't install because I had to set BINDIR in
> the makefile.

My experience is that you should only get sys.tar.gz and
config.tar.gz; config should (hopefully) compile with any header
files/libraries.  I seem to remember that I had problems with "make
obj" and just built in the source dir; then ran
	/usr/src/usr.sbin/config/config GENERIC
and built the kernel.  The kernel sources are self-contained (don't
use headers from /usr/include), and I think this should be the
recommended route for people wanting to build kernels newer than their
userland.  You could also build the -current config and kernel
completely outside /usr/src, I'm pretty sure that works as well.

  -  Arne H. J.