Subject: Re: -current kernel hangs/init busy loops
To: <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/17/1997 22:43:37
In message <>, you write: 

->  scotte@warped.COM (Scott Ellis) writes:
-> >The symtoms are...
-> >When booting with GENERIC, init runs, and then it loops on
-> >'init got Signal 10'.  L1-A into the kernel ddb, and do a 'ps', shows that
-> >only init, swapper, and pagedaemon are running.
-> Then, perhaps I'm not alone.  But I'm using 486

	Me 3, also a 486.... Kernel from same source boot fine on my Pentium...
	I should probably try booting the 486 kernel on the P5 to see if it 
	gets further...  (although, because of differing config files it
	shouldn't be able to get *much* further...)

-> My kernels boot up to the point where it prints that it has configured
-> fd0 and hangs there.  Next it would print the message about ttymask,
-> netmask and biomask, but that message doesn't appear.
-> I'm unable to enter DDB to.  Even hitting CTL-ALT-ESC during
-> autoconfiguration doesn't enter DDB.

	In my case, the keyboard also seems wedged tight, as toggling
	CAPS-LOCK doesn't update lights...

	Also, as someone else noted, I *do* have swap set up to go to a device
	that isn't there right now in the 486 kernel, which might be an issue.


Rafal Boni