Subject: CVS and current
To: <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/17/1997 18:38:01
I'm trying to get set up to use CVS to follow current and to preserve
local mods. I kinda understand how cvs works, but I'm still a little
confused about tags and the different branches. How do I tell it I'm
updating the "vendor" branch (1.1.1X AFAIK) as opposed to my branch?

I understand the basic idea about having a repository, a hierarchy for
suping, and a checked out version for actual work. I'm not so clear on the
tags and such involved.

I'm wondering if some kind soul who does this can either EMail me cvs
scripts or a URL for doing this. Or is there a good Nutshell book? The CVS
help docs are good, but I'm looking for something with a few more