Subject: Re: can't switch DE500 to 100Mbit
To: None <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/15/1997 16:29:00
At 01:04 AM 2/15/97 -0800, David Greenman wrote:
>>The real problem is that the de driver needs from NetBSD (and FreeBSD)
>>that the -link flags.  In short, there are *so* many options now that
>>the de driver required, the current situation is handicapping.
>>I need to control: speed, duplex, media (about a dozen of them),
>>autonegotiation, autosensing.  I can't do that with 3 link flags.
>>I have forwarded the if_media proposal from BSDI several times with 
>>barely a whimper.  
>   Just to chime in from the FreeBSD end of town... We would like to
>the architectural changes that BSDI has done in this area, but it's a lot of
>work to change all of the existing drivers to the new scheme and noone has
>the time to take the project on.

But you can the conversion incrementally (one driver at a time).  You need the
framework first.  Once it's in place you can start switching drivers over to
it.  But you need it in place first.

Some drivers may never need it.

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