Subject: Re: can't switch DE500 to 100Mbit
To: Ben Tober <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/15/1997 00:28:40
At 05:50 PM 2/14/97 -0500, Ben Tober wrote:
>> > de0: address 00:00:f8:30:94:ca
>> It works with 10Mbit, and it used to work under
>> NetBSD-1.2 with 100Mbit too.
>> Not it looks the following:
>> If I do a "ifconfig de0 link2", it doesn't cause any
>> effect. "ifconfig de0 -link2" prints
>> "de0: enabling 10baseT port".

Known bug.  Sorry.

>Try ifconfig de0 link0 to force 100Mbps mode.  The driver is supposed to
>do the right thing with respect to the standard 10BaseT/100BaseTX
>autodetection handshaking stuff, _but_ the code for that is not correct,
>and depending on what stepping of the 21140 is on your DE500, the
>autodetection may or may not work (but AFAIK setting link0 will force 100Mbps
>mode no matter what stepping of the 21140 or version of the driver you're
>playing with). 

Sorry, that's all incorrect.  The DE500-XA does not do autonegotiation.
The link switches don't those things anymore.  The driver in -current
is significantly different that the one that shipped in 1.2.

Unfortunately, I never released that driver for wide distribution since
it is still quite buggy.  The configuration is basically a rewrite from
scratch (and it shows).  I was quite surprised when it went into -current.

Since early December, I've not had an oppurtunity to work on the driver
to due various happenings at Digital (office moves, getting sick, real
work, etc).  

The DE500-XA bug is known.  It's one of the bugs I was trying to track
down before I enetered reorganization hell.

The real problem is that the de driver needs from NetBSD (and FreeBSD)
that the -link flags.  In short, there are *so* many options now that
the de driver required, the current situation is handicapping.

I need to control: speed, duplex, media (about a dozen of them),
autonegotiation, autosensing.  I can't do that with 3 link flags.

I have forwarded the if_media proposal from BSDI several times with 
barely a whimper.  

The -current driver represents the handicaps the de driver operates under.
It sucks but it's about the best that can be done.

I'll to get to something this weekend...  maybe.
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