To: Brian Buhrow <buhrow@cats-po-1.UCSC.EDU>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/11/1997 00:53:50
> 	One of our most sophisticated professor/users has this to say about the 
> version of fmt we distribute with NetBSD systems.  Any thoughts on a
> solution short of installing the GNU fmt on both Sun SunOS systems and
> NetBSD systems and telling users to have at it?  We currently run Sun SunOS
> machines and NetBSD machines in a way where we try to make them look as
> similar to users as possible.  Unfortunately, things like this fmt
> incompatibility create real probems for them.
> Suggestions, thoughts, discussion on what the standard should be are
> welcome.

Check out par, a drop-in replacement for fmt - I use it because it's
8-bit clean, so that any UTF characters I send out actually get sent,
but it claims to have better algorithms in breaking lines. URL is:

The arguments to par are a bit daunting, but I find that the defaults
work fine for me, and I use it to format every piece of text I write.

Take care,