Subject: Re: DPT Raid Controllers
To: Jamie Downs <>
From: Ben Tober <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/04/1997 09:46:27
> Greetings,
> Is there any work being done on the DPT SmartRaid (PM3334UW*) Controllers?
> If not, is there any support for another RAID controller.  The list of 
> supported SCSI cards make no such indication...
I don't think anyone is, but I'd certainly be interested if someone was.
I might even be willing to do the work if I can somehow get access to such
hardware, and, more importantly, to hardware documentation.  Another option
you might consider is that a few vendors (Symbios being one of them and I'm
quite sure there are others) make RAID controllers that go on a SCSI bus.
There's no support for these, but I suspect that with a very little bit of
hacking to the MI SCSI code (if any) and probably no work on the code for
the SCSI host adapter you're using, you could make such a thing work.
Performance might not be as good as with a RAID host adapter, but with a
SCSI RAID adapter on an ultra SCSI bus it would probably be close.