Subject: Re: Exabyte 8200 - is anyone using one successfully?
To: Eric Volpe <>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/18/1996 05:39:04
	I've been using one for years on my NetBSD/I386 box.  I've tested it under 0.9A
and 1.0.  I have a friend who has been running his under 1.2 with some
trouble, and we haven't figured it out as yet.  To be quite honest, I don't
know what the switch settings on the drive are because I just plugged it in
and it worked.  In terms of block sizes and density settings, I use a
blocking factor of 100 for dump and tar, and a length value of 6000.  My
dump line looks something like:
dump 0fbsd /dev/nrst0 100 6000 54000

Hope this helps.

On Dec 18,  4:08am, Eric Volpe wrote:
} Subject: Exabyte 8200 - is anyone using one successfully?
} I've been trying to use an exabyte 8200 on both i386 and pmax netbsd boxes
} without luck. depending on block size, device file, and probably the phase
} of the moon, it either crashes the machines, hangs the scsi bus completely,
} or just fails with an i/o error. I've been unable to come up with any rhyme
} or reason to what happens under which circumstances. The drive, incidentally
} is fine. IT reads and writes perfectly on the pmax under ultrix and on the
} i386 under linux. 
} I would appreciate if anyone who is using an exabyte 8200 successfully would
} send me a quick summary of how you use it (dump options, blocking, etc..) 
} and the jumper settings of your drive!
} thanks very much.. 
} 			eric volpe
>-- End of excerpt from Eric Volpe