Subject: Re: amd
To: None <laine@MorningStar.Com>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/03/1996 10:40:26
Quoting Laine Stump,

> but when it runs, I get messages
> like the following:

>    Dec  3 00:46:20 palamut amd[77]: /homes: mount: Program version wrong
>    Dec  3 00:46:20 palamut amd[77]: mount_toplvl: Program version wrong
>    Dec  3 00:46:20 palamut amd[73]: /homes: mount (afs_cont): Program version wrong

This would mean that you're trying a v3 mount on a v2 server. Looks like
it doesn't do v3?

> Also, the os-bsd44.h that is included in the amd already in NetBSD (1.2
> release) has the following two options which don't exist in any of the
> net amd's os-*.h files:

>   #define	MNTOPT_NOCONN	"noconn"	/* accept any responder */
>   #define	MNTOPT_RESVPORT	"resvport"	/* use reserved port */

See sys/mount.h for a full list of options. It can't hurt to have them
there, check the nfs_subr.c file if they're really handled.

> Finally, the os-bsd44.h used by the NetBSD 1.2 amd has the following: 

>   /*
>    * Need precise length symlinks.
>    */

You do need this option, from 1.2 on at least, which contains a bugfix
concerning amd direct mounts on symlinks.

- Frank