Subject: Re: amd
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: Laine Stump <laine@MorningStar.Com>
List: current-users
Date: 12/03/1996 01:12:14
I wrote:
> > Does anyone know where to get newer amd? Any plans to update the
> >amd that ships with NetBSD?

Ken Hornstein writes:

> The AMD that ships with NetBSD is the BSD 4.4 one.  That, I believe, is 5.2.
> Version 5.3 never quite came out of beta, and there were a number of UPL
> releases (Unofficial Patch Levels).  Last time I looked AMD was up to
> 5.3UPL100 something.

Okay, I found amd-upl102-3.tar.gz (from the debian linux stuff) (I hope
this is the latest, since Ken was the only respondent to my original
question, and even he didn't have advice on a "definitive" place to get
the latest amd). It built right up (after changing the typedef for
NFS_FH_TYPE from nfsv2fh_t* to void*), but when it runs, I get messages
like the following:

   Dec  3 00:46:20 palamut amd[77]: /homes: mount: Program version wrong
   Dec  3 00:46:20 palamut amd[77]: mount_toplvl: Program version wrong
   Dec  3 00:46:20 palamut amd[73]: /homes: mount (afs_cont): Program version wrong

Followed by no amd filesystems mounted (although amq does show them all)
This is essentially the error:

  #define EPROGMISMATCH   75              /* Program version wrong */

which is in the NFS section of /usr/include/errno.h. Can someone
illuminate me on what I should look for as causing this message (and how
to correct it)?

Also, the os-bsd44.h that is included in the amd already in NetBSD (1.2
release) has the following two options which don't exist in any of the
net amd's os-*.h files:

  #define	MNTOPT_NOCONN	"noconn"	/* accept any responder */
  #define	MNTOPT_RESVPORT	"resvport"	/* use reserved port */

Were they added by NetBSD people? If so, where can I find
the original amd sources to diff against the netbsd ones so I can merge
them into the new amd?

Finally, the os-bsd44.h used by the NetBSD 1.2 amd has the following: 

   * Need precise length symlinks.

but the os-netbsd.h in the new amd does not (neither does the new
os-bsd44.h). Who should I believe?