Subject: yet another PINT update
To: None <>
From: Kenneth Stailey <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/28/1995 12:21:11
A new copy of PINT is available on,
feel free to copy it to other ftp archives!

This release features better organized NetBSD install documentation,
and code improvements based on a critique by mycroft.  The HP ScanJet
escape code engine improvements will probably be back-ported to the
SunOS and AIX versions RSN.

NetBSD 1.0A Architectures supported: alpha   amiga   i386    mac68k  sparc
NetBSD 1.0A Architectures tested on: i386

If you are using PINT under non-i386-NetBSD, please let me know.

If you know about PINT you can stop reading now.
[excerpted from PINT 0.5d README]

		       PINT: PINT Is Not TWAIN

	       common scanner driver interface for UN*X

Copyright (C) 1994, 1995 Kenneth Stailey

PINT (PINT Is Not TWAIN) is a scanner interface with a portable
interface and (it will have) a scanner device independance library.

Currently PINT works on:
    * IBM RiscSystem/6000s running AIX 3.2
    * Sun Sparc Stations (sun4c and sun4m) running SunOS 4.1.x
    * Any system that uses NetBSD 1.0A machine-independant SCSI code
      (PINT still has only been tested on NetBSD/i386; if you succeed
      in getting it to work on another architecture or need help doing
      so please let me know)