Subject: Re: /usr/share/doc/smm/02.con
To: None <cp1!mimsy!!current-users@cs.UMD.EDU>
From: jim spath <cp1!ganza!spath@cs.UMD.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 04/27/1995 11:07:52
}-- Mike said:
} Are the docs for included with Lite?
} If so, can someone add them to the tree?
} I'd much rather RTFM than RTFS.
} Alternatively, can someone tell me if there is a site other than
} (which is down) that has the 4.4BSD-Lite tree?
}-- End of excerpt from Mike Long

I'll probably live to regret this, but I'd like to volunteer to work on
documentation for NetBSD...  In the couple years I've used 386 and
NetBSD, I've wanted to know a lot of details that were found in very
many places:  the FAQ, the smm directories (not much help till you are
done), and the various newgroups and mailing lists.  But the FAQ is both
limited in scope and covers details that are dated or non-NetBSD.  I
can see the need for someone to root through the mailing list archives
and summarize some of the knowledge base.

I have a real address now courtesy of the Baltimore County Public library
(, so I am able to be more network-active.
Please advise of the worth/dangers of this.  Thanks!

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