Subject: Re: multiple dialout PPPs?
To: None <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/24/1995 08:22:02
> Here's what I would like to do - can someone guide me in doing so?
> My NetBSD box has two comm ports and I have two modems - I want to be able
> to dialout and connect to my provider (PPP) on both lines.  I'm not sure
> how to go about doing this and be able to "direct" connections to one
> device or to another.

This is a job for "PPP Multilink Protocol".  Unfortunately, the PPP
implementation with NetBSD doesn't implement it (and if it did, your ISP's
routers might not, since it hasn't even reached official Standard status

You can set up two separate connections with different IP addresses, but
then you run into the twin problems of (1) how do you convince NetBSD to
route over two interfaces, and (2) how do you convince their router to
divvy up your packets between the two PPP lines?  You could pretty easily
spew packets out to two different destinations over two interfaces, but
what you'd really like to do is alternate the interfaces, and that's hard.