Subject: Re: hppa 1.1 port ?
To: matthew green <>
From: Darren Reed <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/18/1995 23:32:12
In some email I received from matthew green, they wrote:
> reading the lastest gnu bulletin, i see that there is a port
> of 4.4-lite to the hp9k/700 series.  here's the text:
>    * Mach and 4.4BSD-Lite for PA-RISC HP 700
>      An almost complete snapshot of a Mach/4.4BSD-Lite based single-server for
>      the PA-RISC HP 700 is available from `' by
>      anonymous FTP.  The snapshot provides binaries for the "Lites" BSD-based
>      single-server, freely redistributable sources for a complete Mach kernel
>      with integrated support for the PA-RISC 1.1 (HP 700) platform, a
>      complete GNU tool chain for the ELF object format, and other software.
>      (Sources for the floating point emulation library are not available.)
>      The developers caution that this (December 1994) snapshot is for
>      hard-core operating system hackers only.  This is not a formal release
>      and is not yet robust.  Check
>      `' for more information.
> has anyone looked at this?  i don't personally have any of this
> hardware, but it would be great if netbsd could run on it (it's
> fast!  :-)
> .mrg.

And it would *definately* be better than HP-UX!  Well, if we could
add on partition striping, cdf's and acl's (yes I like them both :) -
ACL's at least (if working) could help NetBSD towards being suitable for
a higher rating then "C2" (I guess most people don't care about that but
some do) - then, mmmm :-)


p.s. yeah, I've got an account on a snake running 9.04 and I find the
     acl's very useful if you want to open up files like .plan but
     nothing else and to only "nobody" (for fingerd).  If I had the time
     I'd have done them already for netbsd :)