Subject: Re: SB16 funfunfun
To: Mark Willey <>
From: alphaepsilon <aellwood@MIT.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 04/15/1995 17:13:15
From: Mark Willey <>:
>Just wonderin...
>You get the Sound Blaster working yet?  I just tried the SCSI card on the
>sound blaster and it works like a charm.  I also have tested the card on a
>different machine (in DOS) and it works.  How 'bout you?
>Thanks for any info you might have.

No, actually I haven't.  I updated to current to see if it fixed this
and when I try to "cat > /dev/audio" it makes this short popping
noise and then it just sits there.  If I try and control-C out of it,
the process jamms up my xterm.  I get a process with a state like:

aellwood  1978  0.0  0.3    72   48 p0- IE    4:19PM    0:00.04 cat

And nothing kills it.  If I try and use /dev/audio again it says
"/dev/audio: Device busy."

Any ideas?

I have a Sound Blaster 16.  It comes up as:
sb0 at isa0 port 0x220-0x237 irq 7 drq 1: dsp v4.13

The card works just fine in Windows and with Descent and Doom.

Alexandra Ellwood