Subject: Re: Boot from CD-ROM
To: Space Case <>
From: Brad Midgley <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/10/1995 16:55:31
Hello guys,

I think it would also be great to have the installation optionally allow 
you to union-mount a writable file system over the CDROM once you've 
finished the installation.  It would be a great way to test-drive the 
system.  (if you're worried about performace, touch some of the files in 
the union mount so they are stored in the upper layer).

I work at a cdrom maker and I would really like to see a great NetBSD 
release on CD so systems like linux and freebsd couldn't claim all the 
limelight.  In fact, I'm sure I could get my employer to throw some 
significant resources at the project if I got direct involvement with 
some of the developers.

Another issue... can/will NetBSD support "fat" binaries like NeXTStep 
does (one binary which contains forks with code for different CPU types)?  
That would make a platform-independent installation cdrom and "live" 
filesystem on cdrom a much simpler and more effective way to get NetBSD 
some great positive exposure.


On Fri, 7 Apr 1995, Space Case wrote:

> On Apr 7,  8:26pm, Creed Erickson wrote:
> >It strikes me that to get enough of a system up, partition, format and
> >install on to a hard drive, while guarenteeing a no-swap condition, you're
> >likely to exceed a reasonable memory requirement. I have no empirical data
> >to back that up, so it's possible I'm suffering a rectal-cranial
> >inversion. 
> I wouldn't think you'd need all that much memory just to format and
> partition (single user mode), and once you have that done, you can
> mount a swap space...
> ~Steve
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