Subject: Re: UP again
To: None <>
From: Arthur Hoffmann <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/10/1995 09:51:53
> I wrote:
> > Due to a disk failure, (the Australian mirror)
> > is DOWN until further notice.
> > I will notify the list when it is back up and running.
> It's back up and running. 
> The disk that 'failed' had logged messages about hard errors, but a
> reboot "fixed" it. In any case, I added a 300MB SCSI disk and
> controller (upto 1GB of disk space), and did some data moving
> operations.
> Result: -current is now on the SCSI disk, and I'm mirroring "packages"
> onto the potentially failing disk (cause -current is more important.) 
> Another 1.3GB SCSI disk may be added in the future, so I can make the
> machine a full mirror of Ahh, the joys of scrounging
> equipment to provide a service ;)
> Luke.
> --
> Luke Mewburn                                                  <>
> ``Concealment is never as hard as people think, you must understand that. It's
>   action while hiding that's the hard part.''
>     -- Coyote, in Kim Stanley Robinson's 'Green Mars'

This is great news :)
Thanks for providing this service to us here in OZ.


Arthur Hoffmann