Subject: Re: mixer?
To: Rolf Grossmann <>
From: Brandon Reed <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/09/1995 17:15:41
Can anyone tell me what I can do to the mixer device once I've got it?
ie: can I do something like:
echo volume=50 > /dev/mixer ??
It makes sense to me.

I tried the "GROSS audio tools" that were posted a while back
but when I try:
audioplay /dev/audio < /tmp/
it hangs the device and the process can't be killed any way that I can find,
even killing the shell it was started under leaves it hung there and the 
only way I've found to get the audio device back is to reboot the machine 
kill -9 (pid of audioplay) as root won't even kill it.
and the audio device is "busy" until the process releases it which never 
happens, time for another reboot.

 (good thing this is a personal machine not a server :)

On Mon, 10 Apr 1995, Rolf Grossmann wrote:

> Hi,
> on Mon, 10 Apr 1995 00:57:39 +0200 Brandon Reed wrote 
> concerning "mixer?" something like this:
> > I recently updated to current and now my PAS16 initializes and I can play 
> > audio files but it's at max volume and I can't find anything about a 
> > mixer device. I need to turn the volume down, it's unusable with gain at max.
> > Did I miss something? There's no mention of a mixer device in MAKEDEV and 
> > I don't know where to look beyond that.
> That's one of the things that can happen with -current ;) To get a mixer
> device (on i386 platforms) type (as root):
> 	mknod /dev/mixer c 42 16
> (you have to read the source to find that. As far as I know there is no
> documentation on ioctl's, etc. either, yet.)
> Bye, Rolf

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