Subject: Re: printer
To: Don Lewis <>
From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/09/1995 00:06:22
> } > Tom,
> } > Are you using the serial, parallel, or network interface?
> } 
> } parallel.  HPLJ4mp.  Got lpfilter from "Simon J. Gerraty" 
> } <> and it works for text files.  Thanks Simon.  But now 
> } I would like to print from NetScape or others with bitmap files.  Didn't 
> } work.

I've mailed Tom some info on how to set it up corrcetly.

> If lpfilter blindly does LF to CRLF mapping, I'm pretty sure it will break
> PCL bitmap graphics.

No it does nothing except send the correct initialization and reset
sequences to the printer.  The idea is to say have xxx a link to
lpfilt and use :if=xxx: and lpfilt will lookup xxx in /etc/lpfiltcap
and use the indicated init and reset sequences.  The 4MP is smart
enough to do the rest itself.

I posted lpfilt to usenet about a year ago - can't recall which group
though :-)

I mainly use the hplp and lpwide setups.

# cat /etc/lpfiltcap

# filters

# for typeset stuff at 600dpi
hp600:is=\e%-12345X@PJL DEFAULT RESOLUTION = 600\n\e%-12345X\e&k2G:\
	:rs=\e%-12345X@PJL DEFAULT RESOLUTION = 300\n\e%-12345X:

# for typeset stuff at 300dpi
hp300:is=\e%-12345X@PJL DEFAULT ECONOMODE = OFF\n@PJL DEFAULT RESOLUTION = 300\n\e%-12345X\e&k2G:

# for lp

# rough drafts
hpdraft:is=\e%-12345X@PJL DEFAULT ECONOMODE = ON\n\e%-12345X\e&k2G\e&s0C:\
	:rs=\e%-12345X@PJL DEFAULT ECONOMODE = OFF\n\e%-12345X:

# fixed,16.7 cpi, 8 lpi,