Subject: Re: sliplogin, -clocal?
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/08/1995 17:59:41
Peter Seebach says:
> Is there a way to set clocal in gettytab that I just didn't notice?

I was under the impression you could now set individual tty driver
flags if you wanted. Quoting the man page...

     Terminal modes to be used for the output of the message, for input of the
     login name, and to leave the terminal set as upon completion, are derived
     from the boolean flags specified.  If the derivation should prove inade-
     quate, any (or all) of these three may be overridden with one of the c0,
     c1, c2, i0, i1, i2, l0, l1, l2, o0, o1, or o2 numeric specifications,
     which can be used to specify (usually in octal, with a leading '0') the
     exact values of the flags.  These flags correspond to the termios
     c_cflag, c_iflag, c_lflag, and c_oflag fields, respectively. Each these
     sets must be completely specified to be effective.  The f0, f1, and f2
     are excepted for backwards compatibility with a previous incarnation of
     the TTY sub-system. In these flags the bottom 16 bits of the (32 bits)
     value contain the sgttyb sg_flags field, while the top 16 bits represent
     the local mode word.

I believe that clocal is a bit of c_cflag, though my memory is weak.