Subject: Re: Make SATAN with freebsd config?
To: Rob Healey <>
From: Greg Spiegelberg <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/05/1995 11:12:25
/ 	Anybody know if configuring SATAN, the OJ Simpson story of the
/ 	networking biz, using the freebsd config will work properly under
/ 	NetBSD?

Just a quick note.  I've spent the entire morning going through the Satan
docs, files, srcs, and whatnot.  Basically, it's nothing more than a
glorified ISS (Internet Security Scanner) that uses a web browser as it's

As far as it's capability to run on *BSD, so long as you have libpcap 0.0,
tcpdump 3.0, perl 5.xxxx, and a working gui web browser, I don't see why 
it wouldn't.

I am disappointed with the whole satan business.  Sorry folks, no bells,
whistles, or firecrackers.  It's just a gui.  :)

Greg "TwoTone" Spiegelberg               
SAIC UNIX/Netware Computer Type Guy       "Walk softly and carry an armored            tank division, I always say."
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