Subject: Re: Continuing make src problems
To: Tom Crockett <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/30/1993 09:57:18
> Does anyone have a clue regarding this happy stuff occurring during
>source make?  I first saw this with the tar files from dec 17(16)
> but am still receiving the errors on attempting to make any binary with 
> the sources from today (12/29).  I can't make a new make or sed, ld, 
> tsort, cc and so on.  

The messages from "ar", I think, are the key:  for some reason, sed started
double spacing its output at some point (note to Adrian Hall -- the sed in
your binary packs that you put up for ftp (thanks again!!) does the same
thing!  Recompiling it from recent sources with your libc.a makes it
behave.), and this causes the library build process to fail (blank lines
blow out join's mind, causing lorder to fail, causing few if any files to
appear in libraries; also, I noticed (perhaps with curdled binaries) that
nm seems to be reporting a "C" for data objects in PIC files?).  That was
also the root of my "sh" problems, as much of the sh build process depends
on sed.

Check whether or not sed is misbehaving ( sed < /etc/passwd is a quick and
easy test); if it is, try rebuilding it with an old copy of the library.
Do NOT install the programs you're building unless you saved a copy of my
"My unending woes" message from the day before yesterday so you can recycle
it :-).

Does anyone know why sed started doublespacing output?  Has it really stopped?