Subject: X11R5 & linking failures on Xmu
To: None <>
From: Peter Galbavy <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/21/1993 21:42:19

This isn't really a bug report since X isn't part of the NetBSD
distribution, but in the last few weeks, after rebuiling and installing
current, X programs that need the shared Xmu library fail:

gcc -o twm gram.o lex.o deftwmrc.o add_window.o gc.o list.o twm.o
parse.o menus.o events.o resize.o util.o version.o iconmgr.o
cursor.o icons.o  -O2 -m486  -L../.././lib/Xmu -lXmu -L../.././lib/Xt
-L../.././extensions/lib -L../.././lib/X -L../.././extensions/lib
-lXext -L../.././extensions/lib -lXext -L../.././lib/X -lX11

ld: premature eof in data segment of

(reformatted for readability)...

This is consistant across any and all programs relying on Xmu/Xext.o

I am using -current of < 17th December (lamp's sup is too busy to get
the latest) and X11R5/XFree86-2.0 with John Brezak's patches for
shared libs.

BTW Have a really Merry Christmas, and try to keep away from those
machines for at least a day :-) I know I'll fail :-(
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