Subject: Re: SUP Updates - sanity check
To: None <>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/21/1993 17:35:23
In article <> "Michael Graff" <> writes:
> I've got a machine on campus which can SUP, and one at home which cannot (UUCP
> connected to campus)
> I'd be very interested in writing something which would parse the CVS output
> and/or the SUP file list directly and decide what to do about removed files,
> new files, and updated files.  Kinda a batch-sup or something of the sort.
> Has anyone else looked into this?

I started on adding a -p ("packet" or "passthru") switch to sup that
would create download packets which could then be unpacked on another
system. The packets would contain, besides the supped files, a sh script
to take care of stuff like date changes, file protections and ownership,
removing old files, etc. It also uses a local file information database
in -p mode rather than keeping the whole file tree, since I intended to
run in on an account where I get charged for usage over 5M.

However, it's not yet done.  The packing process is mostly done, but the
local file database stuff isn't, and the unpacker hasn't even been
started on (though it should be fairly simple).  I won't have time to
work on it any more for a couple of weeks.  Sorry. 

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