Subject: Re: CRTSCTS in /sys/sys/termios.h is correlt?
To: None <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/20/1993 10:55:47
>  One more, I am japanese and using KANJI(requiers 8 bits through) from
> com port. I set 'np' in /etc/gettytab, then getty set serial port to 
> CS7 and AP. for this, I must login in 7 bits and even parity and then
> must do stty pass8. It's not good. I changed getty to set CS8 if 'np'
> set. But right way is to make getty to understand 'p8' flag. Is this
> wrong? If this is right way, then I will change getty that way and
> post patch. Any other ideas?

Somewhere in either getty or login (I forget which), there is a routine
which ends up forcing a particular set of modes on the serial line just before
exec'ing the shell; one of the particular set of modes is 7-bit stripping.
The "fix" I used was to use a more reasonable set of "canned" modes.

The serial handling in both getty and login is begging for a redesign, and
the next time it irritates me, I just may give it one :-).  Unfortunately,
configuration (in /etc/ttys) would probably have to change, due to the
plethora of new modes provided by TERMIOS; however, it's that very plethora
that's causing much of the existing confusion.