Subject: Re: more problems
To: None <>
From: S|ren Schmidt <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/16/1993 22:17:38
> Oops.  I didn't notice the straggling reference to `Maxmem' left in
> the wd driver.  I just fixed it.

Hmm, there is a reference in autoconf.c as well....

> Your kernel from 12/14 is probably a little unstable because of a
> subtle bug I introduced that day, and fixed on 12/15.  If the current
> sources still give you problems, you should inform me.

Well, I havn't been able to compile a working kernel since
yesterday, soo... I'll try it out when the changes appears on
lamp (I use the CVS daily messages to get the changed files, no
sup :-( )
The other problem with ld is fixed, and X is running again

                                           Soeren Schmidt